Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Was The Surgery Worth It?

Listen to me. I can sit here, less than three months after having this surgery and tell you without one tiny hint of worry....


I can't believe how different I am. I can't believe how different the world seems. How much better my marriage is. How much more in balance and focused I feel.

While I was writing about my time leading up to the surgery I must have asked myself a million times "Is this really worth it", but now sitting on the other side of it I can say, without hesitation, its the best thing I've ever done for myself. Ever.

And I'm so glad that I took the risk, went through the temporary pain and inconvenience to be able to write this to you today and tell you that I am SO SO GLAD I did the tummy tuck and breast lift!

And I believe it has been worth every single penny.


Anonymous said...

My surgery is on Friday!!!! I'm freaking out a little bit. You wrote something that resonated so strongly, you said, after the surgery all your excuses about weight will be gone, that it'll be just you.
That's what I'm feeling right now... nervous and excited. its so strange, I'm definitely used to feeling Bad about my body, and worrying about it all the time, thinking about how my clothes fit and feeling hopeless/ so now I'm about to remove a huge source of anxiety..and its giving me anxiety!!!!

DD said...

I think essentially what happens is that you're freaking because your crutch will be gone. And your right it will be.You need a plan. You're going to be happy with it, just drink a lot of water and remember its easier to maintain a Lexus instead of a junker.

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