Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 month update + photos & scar update

So that's me 4 months ago. Pretty much hating everything about life. Even though I'd run a half marathon in that body I felt miserable with everything about it. I couldn't understand HOW it was remotely possible that I could get my body to do all the things I could get it to do and still look like that.

And here I am 4 months post surgery

I'm not going to lie, Its suddenly A LOT harder to keep weight off. Not that I've been AMAZING with my diet. Ok I've not been good with my diet at all, but I've started back to exercising and I'm super happy to report that I CAN DO SITUPS and all kinds of other strength training things. 

Every once in a while I'll feel a little pull or strain in my stomach when I'm exercise, but overall I feel pretty normal whenever I do any exercise. I've not attempted swimming laps yet though. That might bother me some. I'll let you know. 

Some of the novelty has kind of worn off. Kind of like when you buy a new car and then you drive it for four months and suddenly its not that big a deal. At times I feel like I've been in this body forever, so its good even for me to look at these pictures and see that there really is quite a big difference. 

Life has marched on. My children are in school and insanely busy. I'm stressed out pretty much all the time as is my husband. So I dont think I think about this amazing gift I've given myself as much as I should right now simply because its easy to sort of ignore. 

Another thing that shocked me...NOBODY said anything about my size difference (except two past students). I hadn't seen my co-workers in about three months I guess, but NOBODY said a word. That kinda hurt my feelings. I got TONS of comments on my hair. People would say "wow, did you change your hair" and I wanted to scream, "yeah and look how I have a totally different BODY TOO", but I don't feel like that's appropriate. 

I have also noticed I can wear heels for significantly longer now than I could before without pain. Not sure what the reason behind that is, but there it is. Handy info for ya! 

Oh, and my scar. I know you're all dying to see it. I personally don't understand why people are so obsessed with scars. I never even THINK of mine unless a doctor is checking me and pushes on that scar and I say "oh yeah I had a tummy tuck this summer too". I dont think I've ever even checked to see if my scars are symmetrical and I frankly don't give a rats bottom if they were a little off because.. well LOOK AT HOW MUCH SKIN I LOST!!" I'd take a little asymmetry if I had to for that. There's one place on my right breast (that was much larger than my left) where the scar is a little higher and it peeks out of my bathing suit, but once the scar dies down nobody will ever see it and I really dont think most people see it now. I only do cause I was paying attn to how great my boobs looked in a swimsuit now. haha

So anyway, here's my scar. I think it looks a lot worse in the picture than it does in "real life". It looks more red here and it looks more purple to me when I'm just looking at it in the mirror. 

So there you go. I'm four months past surgery and I feel completely great and I'm having to take care about what I eat again because my body's slowed back down, and I'm STILL SO GLAD I HAD THE SURGERY!

If you have any questions please hit the contact me button and ask and I'll do my best to get back to you! Good luck! 


Dr. Theodore Diktaban said...

Hi DD,

Your tummy tuck results look amazing! Dr. Telepun is obviously an extremely gifted surgeon. Your results had me doing a double-take - the surgery made all the difference in the appearance of the tummy. I am sure it has also opened up your active life even more (though you said you had already run a half marathon prior to surgery - wow!). The best results, in my opinion, are not physical. They are the emotional benefits that getting your body back has made for you. We see the same in our patients as well!

Best of Luck to You,
Dr. Diktaban

valariemoore said...

That was Amazing.... to see you before and after there is a lot of improvement in you. Keep on maintaining the diet and Ex-cerise daily you will more good than now.

Keep Fit and Healthy...!

Plastic Surgery Toronto said...

Great results!! I feel totally inspired after seeing your post. You got some pretty good results!

Anonymous said...

you must be so thrilled with your results, my tummy looks similar to your before shots - i hope I look like your after results - thanks for blogging your experience!

Anonymous said...

Did u have any lipo to the flanks, lower back, or hips

sam speron said...

this is really amazing.....such a difference aftr tummy tuck

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