Wednesday, August 1, 2012

11 week post-op check up & breast cancer

Before you freak out, NO,  I'm blessed to say I do not have breast cancer. I just am going to talk about it some in this post. So let's refocus here people.

I had my 11 week post-op with Dr. Telepun today.

It's so funny that I go in and I know everybody, walk around like I own the place, and Dr. Telepun's like "hey girl" when he walks by. I think they really just are "like that" though. The receptionist is a darling (and looks SO good I hope I look so good when I'm her age) and the nurse is just the kindest thing, and Dr. Telepun's just relaxed and good at what he does. Kinda "comfortable in his own skin" I guess you'd say. Its a very nice atmosphere to come into. Not at all what you would think of when you thought of a "plastic surgery office". Guess that's what makes them so good.

I had to wait longer today than normal. Usually I'm in and out in less than 15 minutes, but it was for a good reason and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you in case you ever have to wait a long time and start to get cranky (which I never do because I know whats going on).

When a breast cancer patient comes into Dr. Telepun's office THEY are the VIP and the whole office stops to meet their needs. 

And can I just tell you I think that makes me love them even more?!?

The office hops day in and day out, but I'm telling you when someone comes in to have drains changed right after surgery or if a breast cancer patient comes in then they are THE FOCUS of that office. I think about how extremely personal it is that some woman who has, in all likelihood, lost a breast or is about to, and is trusting this surgeon to "make them feel whole again" it just gives me the shivers.

Its nice to me to know that the same Doctor who was able to give me "my self confidence back" is helping other women do the same in the face of their battle.

I had to drag my 5 year old daughter along with me today too. Again, this is very rare, but it had to be done today. At first I had her just chill in the waiting room, which the receptionist said was no big deal at all, but then after waiting a while I brought her back to me.

The nurse and Dr. Telepun were very nice to her. I told them when they walked in I wanted them to make me look like her and that I figured we had no choice but to do major reconstructive surgery. They laughed and then made me get on the table anyway.

My breast continue to heal nicely and my tummy is good to go. I actually wont be back in for a minimum of three months, maybe more. I have no restrictions on food or exercise now. Which means I really better get back at it.

My scar is going through a red-phase, Dr. Telepun told me. He said it normally takes TWO YEARS for the scar to get flesh-colored. It honestly doesn't bother me in the least because its always covered whether I'm in a bikini or in the "oh so cute" panties I've gone and bought (I've thrown out all the granny panties. This body's too cute for them now). My husband also seems completely unfazed by the scar in any way. Dr. Telepun told me that he normally cuts his scars very low and really tries to mimic the natural shape of that person's body, so depending on who your surgeon is, it might look really different than mine do.

Recently my tummy scar has been hurting some when I sneeze. This is funny really though because it means that feeling is beginning to come back to that area. Dr. Telepun says it takes most people about a year to get all the sensation back in their stomach area. Mine is still completely numb from about three inches above my belly-button down after almost three months. Its weird, but I rarely even notice it anymore.

I currently don't have one single pair of pants that fit me. Not one. I had to finally donate them all to goodwill today because I'm 1) too lazy to have them tailored and 2) don't want them to have that number in them anymore anyway even if they WERE tailored. I'm torn about getting more at the moment though because I'm about to start working out consistently and don't want to lose even more and have to buy even more. I've got lots of mega cute/ hot dresses though so I dont really need pants and I've got a few pairs of shorts that work.

I've been gaining pounds lately. My food has been crap, but I can really tell it and its starting to bother me. Its really not all that visible in the way I look, but I feel more swollen from the inside out. So I really have GOT to get a grip on it and get into a new pattern of exercise.

I just keep reminding myself. "Its easier to maintain a Mercedes then to try to get a Gremlin up to speed". I had the gremlin, now I've got the Mercedes... so I've got to do the maintenance. I think Dr. Telepun could tell I'd gained some. He didn't say it directly, he just said "so I'd be careful". lol. yeah...I read you loud and clear.

Headed back to the beach for the week. Looking forward to NOT feeling embarrassed in my swimsuits!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have and enjoy the site!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog, it has been very helpful.

I am having my tummy tuck in 4 weeks.

I have taken 2 weeks off work for it (office job). Do you think that will be sufficient?


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