Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift Scars at 10 weeks post op

So people seem really interested in my scars and how they're healing. I think this is because most of the terrible "I'm unhappy with my surgery" kind of stuff out there has to do with people fussing about their scarring.

Mine doesn't really bother me at all. At this point they are still pretty read and pronounced but I have no doubt that they will continue to fade. I've been putting Bio Oil on them for the past two weeks. I dont know that its making any difference but it makes me feel like it could be at least. haha

So here we go. Scars at 10 weeks. Ps. You're getting a little bit of distortion because I had fallen asleep and then woke up the next morning and took the picture. lol. So please forgive the underwear imprints. Surely you can tell the difference between that and the scar.

I'm also including the most covered showing of my breast scars I can. Just so you can see what that cut and scar looks like. This is a little uncomfortable for me to share for some reason it just seems more personal, but I'm going to try to help you so bear with me.

I feel like these scars are healing much faster than the tummy ones are, but then again, they weren't as deep.

One thing Dr. Telepun really pushes to help with skin healing is TAKING A VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENT!! I take about 1000g of Vitamin C with rose hips daily along with my daily vitamin.

I'm happy with my scars overall. I know that they're there and they'll take a while to fade, but I feel like considering the major overhaul to my body they're not so bad.

I didn't have C sections with either of my children, so I didn't have previous scars, but I would imagine that depending on how much skin you've got overhanging its possible that your c-section scar would be completely removed in your full tummy tuck leaving you with only your, what I call, "captain hook" scar. Dr. Telepun does lipo on your hips right where the scars end to help them not poke out and I feel like mine lay flat.

My right breast scar is a little higher than my left but that is because my right breast was so much larger than my left. More on that later.

Ok so there you go, 10 week scars. Feel free to ask any questions!


bamtam t said...

Hi, I am considering a mini tuck & a breast lift. Did you have a lot of pain & need much medication? How long were you out of work?

DD said...

I only really needed pain meds pretty badly for the first week. I am a teacher so I was out for the summer, but I'd give myself a good three weeks off work if at all possible. I was functioning pretty well at the end of 2 though as you can see on the site. I had a FULL tuck though which would be far more painful than a mini. Good luck! Its one of the best decisions of my life.

andresa beco said...

How s the final results today??? I have a tummy tuck and a lipo schedule for November 14 th I want to do the breat lift too but I'm afraid to do all in once , I have 2 little kids so I think I need at least my arms for them.... How long for you to feel normal againg??? Did you use those silicone sheets to speed the scar heal?

tummy tuck said...

I am also planning to do tummy tuck soon. Will there be any side effects after the surgery?

Anonymous said...

How much of the hip area did Dr Telepun lipo

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