Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8.5 months

So I'm at the 8.5 month mark and, yes, I'm still happy that I had the surgery! My biggest problem may be that I think I look better than the rest of the world does. Lol.

I have been taking pure barre exercise classes and I have no problems. Sometimes I can't "feel something" in my abs because I'm still numb there. Yes... STILL.... I still don't have full feeling in my stomach. I've got full feeling right about to my belly button now. The button itself is still completely numb and the lower portion, especially around the front hip area, I can't feel. But I do not experience any pain when exercising (that I'm not supposed to feel).

I will tell you that my weight has changed very little during this whole time. Even with dieting and exercise 5x a week. But, obviously my waist is much smaller. I can it comfortably in any size 12 and the occasional 10 and that's much more important to me than a scale number. I'd like to see that number drop, but until I can stay away from girl scout cookies all together it is what it is.

Sometimes when I'm working out I feel like I look a litte disproportionate because my arms and chest still carry a lot of weight but its very flat and small on my bottom half. I'm working on that but its verrrrrrry slow going.

My scars on my chest are still much more red to my tummy scars, but they're starting to fade some. I rarely even think about my tummy scars at all.


After - 8.5 months

I still believe this one of the best decisions of my life....

 Feel free to ask questions if you need to


pyjammy pam said...

So glad I found this blog! I'd say my current body looks a lot like your before (only worse) so your results make me very excited to have a TT this summer! I haven't read all of your posts, so I don't know if you address this, but I live in the south too and am kind of dreading the idea of doing it in the summer heat, but I don't really have a choice.

Edgardo Berones said...

You have really put yourself out there and have shared a very personal experience (and victory) through this blog. Thank you for letting others know about what it feels like to get a tummy tuck and what the tummy tuck recovery process is all about.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Fantastic blog. Great to read all of your posts. I'm booked in for surgery 25th June and can't wait.

sam speron said...

Thanks for sharing your experience... I have plan to do surgery for body fitness.. But i dont have any idea regarding this . After seeing your blog. I got some knowledge....

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